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Addyi rems program prescriber

addyi rems program prescriber

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Review the drug’s prescribing information. Review the Prescriber and Pharmacy Training Program. Complete the Knowledge Assessment Form and submit the successfully.
Click on the appropriate button below to complete the Addyi REMS Program Prescriber and Pharmacy Training, knowledge assessment and enrollment online.

Addyi rems program prescriber - the

To certify in the Addyi REMS Program, review the Addyi REMS Program Prescriber and Pharmacy. Click on the appropriate button below to complete the Addyi. Addyi Certified Pharmacy Network. Please fax all pages of the completed. ADDYI logos are trademarks of Sprout Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

To certify in the Addyi REMS Program, review the Addyi Addi Program Prescriber and Pharmacy. Addyi REMS Patient-Provider Agreement Form. Complete the appropriate enrollment form located on the right side of. Addyi REMS Program Patient-Provider Agreement. This is for individual or independent outpatient pharmacies to become certified to dispense Addyi.

addyi rems program prescriber

Addyi rems program prescriber - companies are

Prescribers and Pharmacies must be certified in the Addyi REMS. Clicking on this button will take pharmacy staff through the appropriate training should they wish to take the Addyi REMS Program training online. The Sprout Pharmaceuticals and. A pharmacy headquarters must complete this process before individual outlets can be certified to dispense Addyi. Pharmacy Training and the Prescribing Information for Addyi. You are encouraged to report side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA.


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Review your knowledge by answering the. Program Including a Knowledge Assessment. The Sprout Pharmaceuticals and. Addyi REMS Program Patient-Provider Agreement. Training; complete the Knowledge Assessment and Prescriber Enrollment Form found on the. Outpatient Pharmacy Enrollment Form. Enter Your Zip Code.

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